About Keawai

Eco-friendly & Wellness Experience


is Bora Bora’s premier, eco-friendly, luxury tour company. Choose from a variety of private, eco-friendly and wellness experiences on the beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora.

Each one of Keawai’s tours has been carefully created to share the beauty of Bora Bora’s environment and culture with its’ visitors, while also preserving it. Our goal on each tour is to engage the mind, body and spirit.! Whether it is yoga on a private, white sandbeach, snorkeling with an expert on coral conservation, or enjoying a gourmet vegetarian meal prepared Tahitian style, we have something for you!

Keawaii scommitted to supporting and helping the local community of Bora Bora and its’ environment.

We have a commitment to our staff’s continued education and development about marine life conservation and Polynesian cultural history.

Keawai contributes financially to help local coral reef conservation practices.

Keawai operates its’ whale watching activities under the guidelines set by Mata Tohora. matatohora.com

This association has created laws and safety standards that regulate the approach and interaction permitted with whales.

This is in an effort to protect the whales while they are here in French Polynesia.

The vast majority of our food supplies used on our tours is sourced locally to support the local community.

In an effort to lessen the footprint of humans, Keawai is proud to have eliminated all single-use plastics (likewater bottles, straws, plastic bags).

Our company is recognized for its professionalism and commitment to your satisfaction.

We wish you a pleasant stay in bora bora with us.


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